When I heard about Apple’s M1 chip and its incredible performance, I set out to understand what's so magical about it. Within minutes of research, I found out about the ARM-based architecture it uses. Of course, there are many other improvements, but ARM-based chip was the essence of it.

I could see AWS too came up with its own series of ARM-based Graviton instances. So, I decided to try out a low-end t4g.micro instance with a free trial until March 31st, 2021.

I soon realized that not all applications/packages are compatible. Some are still in the progress of porting to…

Ever deployed an application in AWS Lambda and struggled to check the logs in Cloudwatch?
As opposed to the traditional tailing of a log file or grep command to search in a log file, the Cloudwatch interface is a little different.
So, how to run basic searches in Lambda logs?

We recently built a serverless application using AWS Lambda and API Gateway. We used Cloudwatch logging as the easiest option and could see the logs in Cloudwatch whenever a request is received.

We deployed it in the production and requests started pouring in, and so are the logs. It was…

Recently, I came across a small project. The requirements were perfect for a serverless implementation described in AWS Lambda functions and invoking it using AWS API Gateway.

I started drawing the flow and realized that, after going live, I won't be able to make incremental changes to the same function directly as it may impact the production.
That means I would need at least one more environment apart from production to be able to test the changes safely before going live.
The quickest option was to create a new lambda function and copy the same code and then make the…

We recently built an application using the Lumen framework as a dockerized application and deployed it on a Kubernetes cluster (AWS EKS).

We wanted to monitor the application using NewRelic APM as it helps you to analyze, troubleshoot and optimize applications easily.

As we started to do this, we find out that integrating NewRelic APM with PHP containers and running on Kubernetes, the setup is not so easy.
NewRelic has some instructions on their website but not so friendly.

After some struggle, we got it working and I decided to list the steps here if anyone needs it.

There are…

Jenkins is one of the most popular CI / CD platforms available today. Its strength lies in the vast plugin ecosystem which lets you customize almost everything about it. A large and active community has contributed hundreds of plugins to date.

One of the lesser-known facts about Jenkins is it could be used as a very good job running tool that can replace traditional crontab on servers. Jenkins pipeline gives you fine-grained control over simple to complex jobs orchestration needs.


We were using Linux crontab to execute a number of jobs every midnight for a high traffic e-commerce application. …

Satish Gadhave

I’m a solution architect and passionate about solving problems using technologies.

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